Polygon Pod

Producer and editor for Polygon's in-house 

podcast — diving deep into web3 tech.

I led all branding efforts and produce each podcast end-to-end.

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Branding assets and animations upon request. 

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Spring 2022

Unstoppable Domains

Digital content producer for web3's raddest company! NFT domains are your crypto address, login and username. Soon to be ubiquitous, get yours now!

Humanity Check Explainer: Check it Out

More samples upon request. 

Spring 2022


Animator and video editor for CoinDesk’s animated series ‘NFT All-Stars,’ a star studded panel of investors, curators and innovators.

The OGs of NFTs get animated with the biggest stars from around the world in this raucous new series from CoinDesk TV.

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Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Video Rebrand

I led the rebranding of all video content for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance — creating templates, digital assets and usage guidelines for internal and external clients.

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NFT News Roundup

I used Adobe Character Animator to create

weekly newscasts for the awesome team behind No Fun Toads! 

The NFT space moves fast. Keep up with the snarky blockchain-obsessed host, Caster the Toad every week on Twitter!


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Fall 2021 - Winter 2021
Spring 2021

I served as a creative consultant for the rebrand of, an innovative athletic recruitment video service.

I created video templates, explainer videos, logo animations and a custom player tracker design!

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San Diego Zoo Kids

Art direction and project management for San Diego Zoo Kids, a commercial-free children's television network playing now across the globe in over 350 children's hospitals. It's totally awesome.

Motion Graphics Reel!

Summer 2015 - Spring 2022
Summer 2014

Keep Denver Beard

This silly design went viral! I created dozens of branded products and added them to physical and online stores. I sold over 5,000 shirts and learned so much from the experience!

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Television News

I worked on live television newscasts as a graphic artist for seven years.


The tight deadlines and breaking news chaos sharpened my software skills and creative process significantly.

I used Visual Basic and HTML to streamline our real-time graphics playout engine, VizRT.

Fall 2008 - Summer 2015